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Where to Eat Around the World and Watch the World Cup in L.A.

As we all know, or at least most of us in the entire world knows, The World Cup begins tomorrow. The opening game will be Mexico vs the host, South Africa.

Many have questioned where to best watch the games. Some, due to how early the games are being aired, have pretty much settled for watching them at home and/or setting the DVR on record to watch them later. Yet, many, specially futbol (soccer) fans, have the desire to get up early, maybe even call in sick and possibly head out to a cool joint or spot to watch the game in a different setting other than that of their home.

Well, my boy, Hadley Tomicki, who has been blogging and writing for years now, and who is the editor of the famous LA Taco site, has compiled a nice little set for Los Angeles Grub Street of places to eat, drink and/or watch the World Cup. He has even arranged them by country and origin of food so that you may enjoy watching the game amongst your paisanos.

To view this list and scope out cool spots to watch the game, visit Los Angeles Grub Street and also don't forget to visit his site LA Taco for great updates and posts.

Enjoy the games ya'll and Arriba Mexico Ca***es!!!!!!

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