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Under The Tuscan Gun

Many know I love and enjoy to eat and eat out a lot.  I enjoy trying new spots and expanding my experience in food whether it is of or from a different region or culture or simply be extremely adventurous and try something crazy or wild that many may frown upon.  Aside from my many other passions, I have a passion for food and I thrive to please my taste buds and expose them to the sensuality found in different foods.  Another objective, is also enlightening people on the aesthetics of cooking and possibly help them break from the shell of conventionalism and not be afraid to try something new.  As the saying goes: "Don't knock it until you try it!"  

Over the last year, and after blogging for other sites, I have been attempting to simply concentrate and blog for myself.  Albeit, I have not been all that consistent at blogging for myself and updating my blog regularly, I can say my food blog has somewhat created a "tiny" buzz, specially in and around Koreatown. This has lead me to focus more on the area and neighborhood I so proudly, and basically, was raised in...and still live in. 

Well aside from eating out, I enjoy cooking.  At a very young age, I can remember my beautiful mother bringing me into the kitchen to have me help with either cooking and/or baking.  Every dish she made, every cake she baked, she had my hands in it and I pretty much learned to cook most of those dishes.  I think it was at this point that my love and passion for food was born.  Aside from her cooking skills, my mom's philosophy of not fearing to try something new was ingrained in me and it is why I also am so adventurous with my food.  

Anyhow - as much as I love to talk about myself, this isn't about me.  This post is about cooking and cooking recipes from a site/show called Under The Tuscan Gun
Under the Tuscan Gun is a site/blog that features recipes from Tuscany. Tuscany is a region located in Central Italy - mainly known for their beautiful landscapes and its rich artistic legacy.  Tuscany also has it's own unique cuisine.

It is here where the lovely Debi Mazar and her husband Gabrielle Corcos come in.  They created this show/site to bring you homemade Tuscan food and share their family recipes.  The couple takes you through a step-by-step cooking process and shares a list of amazing recipes from appetizers, to cakes, pastas, meats, drinks, desserts etc.  The show is casual and intimate as they allow you to enter into their kitchen at home.

They bring you normal food, using normal ingredients.  And as stated by Debi in an interview with The Florentine: "You don't have to use a bottle of $70 olive oil to be a great Italian cook."  She adds "that their recipes and meals are for real people, who have jobs and kids."  Sounds like many of us.

The site has a grass roots method.  It has no advertisers and said to,  at times, have averaged 300, 000 hits in a month...that's a lot!!

Gabriele Corcos and Debi Mazar
The show has had so much success, that it recently was promoted to Television.  On Sunday January 19th, 2011 the Cooking Channel will air and premiere their brand new cooking show called, EXTRA VIRGIN.  And I, personally, can't wait!! They promise to bring you fantastic traditional Tuscan recipes that will be served to you and dressed with a lot of comedy, lifestyle and some fashion…and hopefully me as one of their guests. ;-)

So for all you so-called foodies or cooks, who specially love Italian cuisine...if ever in the mood for some authentic cooking some Tuscan or Italian cuisine visit the blog or  tune in and watch the show.  II am sure the show will be a great success.

I leave you with some videos of some of their recipes.

Pasta al Vino

Lasagna alla Bolognese

and if you want to learn more, make sure to visit their blog/site at 

Under The Tuscan Gun - for fresh, traditional Tuscan recipes.