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Pure Luck Restaurant

I have been wanting to become vegetarian for a while now.  Not necessarily for political beliefs but mainly for the sake of discipline.  I have although, due to belief is some monastic philosophies, have considered it more often that one may think. 

My first attempt of vegetarianism was about a year ago.  I decided to try becoming vegetarian for about 6 months, with the ultimate goal of becoming vegan for at least a month. Again, the sole reason was for personal discipline and perhaps a desire to cleanse the body from toxins and built up waste.  Of course that venture was short lived albeit, I had the opportunity to try many vegetarian dishes.

Anyhow - I have a neighbor friend who works at Pure Luck Restaurant and has been inviting me to come by and eat at the joint.  She claims they have pretty good food and also a good selection of beers on tap.  One day, she kindly brought me some of their tomato bean soup and I was impressed.  The soup was pretty thick, consistency was much like pea soup.  Its flavors were pretty intense.  The beans were definitely not overcooked and they had that perfect tenderness.  The veggies can be tasted even though the soup was very spicy.  I eat spicy food and I must say, this soup was spicy.  Not overly numbing spicy but had the right amount of spice to add some pzazz and make me sweat a little. 

So a few days later, I was craving some soup, and Pure Luck being only 5 blocks away from me, I shot on over. Pure Luck is located near LACC, just North of Melrose Ave and on Heliotrope.  I have fond memories of this street dating back to my early years as a teen but specially more so for one of my favorite movie scenes ever being filmed there. The broom scene with Turbo in Breakin' - I just can't believe how much this little area has changed.

(The liquor store is no longer there. it is now a Tattoo shop and has some coffee shops next to it. The diamond brick-layered sidewalk is still there. Pure Luck is across the street from here) 

Pure Luck is in what appears to be a house that was converted to a restaurant.  Upon walking in, I was immediately greeted by my friend and she sat me by the window.  The place is small but quaint with green walls and bamboo forest wallpaper that give a relaxed, chill, very home-like feeling.  There are a few bar tables with a cute corner section that is mainly all wood.

After indecisively looking through the menu for a while, I ordered myself an order of half Pickle Chips and half Rosemary Fries to start off with. I also ordered me a pint of Point Five IPA - a half IPA beer that's pretty light, refreshing and not as bitter as your normal IPA's.

The pickle chips were good and were served with a side of their garlic aioli sauce that tasted more like sweet BBQ sauce. I personally would have preferred ranch dressing but they did not have any. Big minus there for me. The Rosemary Fries were actually good. Crunchy, since I always order my fries very well done, and they had a light hint of garlic and rosemary which made them even better.  The portions were pretty generous too.

The Pickle Chips and Rosemary Fries.

Cold pint of brew. Very refreshing as the day was hella hot...

So on to what else I ordered. Somewhat a little full from a great serving of fries and pickle chips, I wanted something relatively small, light but good. They had some taco combos that came with sides but I was done with "sides" and just ordered myself a Baja Taco and a Jackfruit "carnitas" taco.

The Baja Taco is a veggie fish flavored tofu taco.  It was actually pretty good although a little bit bland and slightly chewy.  But it was still good.  It had sour cream, onions, tomatoes and cabbage and served on two corn tortillas.  Very much like your typical fish tacos.

Plate of Fish Tacos and "carnitas"taco...

The carnitas taco was absolutely better.  It surprisingly tasted very much like carnitas. Had the pork flavor and composed of the same stringy texture as carnitas but the significant difference was that the flavor was lighter and not as greasy as normal typical carnitas.

The taco was served with chopped onions, fresh cilantro and a green tomatillo that was obviously freshly made. It was so good I asked for some extra sauce.  It isn't spicy at all although, it may be spicy for some.

My friend finally took a small break and walked over to sit with m for bit me with a glass of their Anvil ESB - a more darker, full bodied IPA that was evidently more bitter.  It was very good and suited well as an after meal drink.  She also had with her a plate of Tacos de Platanos (plaintains).  I personally do not have a sweet tooth so was a little reluctant to try them, specially with the taste of IPA still lingering and bathing my taste buds.  Well I must say they were delicious.  The tacos are made with sweet plaintains, sweet cream and caramelized grilled onions. then served on two corn tortillas.  The result is a well balanced subtly sweet treat that I would definitely order next time I come.

The Plaintain Tacos

So if vegetarian or simply in the mood for some healthy food, make sure you visit Pure Luck. I am certainly returning for the beers and also to try the their carnitas burrito. 

Pure Luck
707 N Heliotrope Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90029


Watch Mexico vs France at La Guelaguetza....

Okay everyone - Mexico's World Cup Game 2 is up.

And most of you futbol (soccer) fans, and those willing to rise up early to watch the World Cup games, already have your spot sought out to watch the upcoming match of France vs Mexico this Thursday the 17th. Gladly, this game is not one of the earlier games so some may have the chance to sleep in a little before the game while others rise up early regardless.

The game is at 11:30 AM, which is a great time for brunch, and anyone wanting to go somewhere to watch the game should head on over to La Guelaguetza Whether you wish to have breakfast or lunch while watching the game La Guelaguetza is the place to be at this Thursday. La Guelaguetza is an authentic Oaxacan Restaurant located in the heart of Korea Town. They will be hosting a game viewing party with lots of specials going on. With $5 game specials such as: chilaquiles, menudo and pozole and $5 drinks such as: Oaxacan style Micheladas, Garra de Tigre and Margaritas.

Chips with their homemade Mole and salsa

Oaxacan style Micheleda

Chapulines a la Mexicana (Grasshoppers)

Hooked up Clayuda Tricolor

I, along with some friends, went last Friday for the opening game of Mexico vs South Africa and the place was packed. There were people everywhere...standing, siting, drinking, eating and cheering as they watched the game on the restaurant's 150" screen. Shots of Real Mexicano were passed around freely by Bricia, horns were blowing, Mexican flags were being waved around or worn as capes by fans dressed in luchador masks, sombreros, team jerseys and Mexican gear.

Akwid in the house

Our table of devoured plates of appetizers, clayudas, menudo, pozole and drinks...

More of the crowd on deck...

Teenage Glutser repping...

Bricia, the girl with the shots and some musician dude...forgot who he was...but that's Bricia with the cute smile...


So whether you are a Mexican fan or France fan or simply want to go to a place to watch the game and enjoy some great food and drinks. Head on over to La Guelaguetza. early arrival is highly recommended because it will be packed.

This is the World Cup menu ya'll - click on it twice to enlarge -

*And MAKE sure you find Bricia and mention - LOVEGALO - to receive some memelitas on the house or whatever she decides to give you*

See ya there and
"Arriba Mexico!!!"

La Guelaguetza
3014 West Olympic Boulevard 
Los Angeles, CA 
Phone - 213.427.0608 
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