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Pal Cabron

I have been struggling for a while now on how to piece this new piece of mine together. Desperate for a new update on my food venturing blog, I felt extremely compelled to write something or I will eventually be washed down with the turds as the great Chinaski once said.

So I will make this quick and short and also cheat a bit...(and so what if I cheat? it is my blog and I can do as I wish, right?)

Anyhow, so about a month ago, while grubbing down and watching the World Cup Opener Game at La Guelaguetza, I met the lovely Bricia Lopez, who was walking around with a bottle of tequila in hand and handing out shots to everyone.  (Be still my heart)  So of course, I waved her down, a few times in fact, for the opportunity to meet her and also bring us over some of them shots.

Well during one of those many times we waved her to come over, she told us about Pal Carbon, a new spot she had recently opened out in Huntington Park that specialized in Cemitas and Clayudas.  I immediately thought to myself, "I have to try this spot!!"

So about two weeks later, I finally decided to head out there and invited a couple of friends.  I called Bricia up to find out whether she would be there or not, gladly she was, and all she said was "make sure you guys come hungry". And trust me, we did.

Before heading over there I visited their website to scope their menu out and I found a nice set of funny videos: here is one of them. 

A challenge to see who'd eat more cemitas
Upon walking in, it was totally not what I expected. The walls were emblazoned with caricatures and dichos (sayings) which adds character to the place. (no pun intenended)

Their staple character inspired by her uncle...

Some of the dichos on the walls

The Stars of Pal Cabron and whom the cemitas are named after

So on to the food....We basically asked Bricia to bring us what she thought we should have and here are a few pics of what she brought us:
Horchata - very good

Their memelitas

The Clayuda - combinacion

My Cemita

So of course, before eating, I had to go to the restroom to wash up. I must say I was surprised to see the restroom also covered with characters and funny sayings...here is just one.

To see more you'd just have to visit and or -------

And okay, so here is where I cheat...

Even though I can write more about the food we had, which was delicious by the way, Ima let my boy The Teenage Glutster tell ya about it, since he wrote a nice write up of the joint a while back. haha

hope you enjoy....

by: Teenage Glutster

Story of my life? I wish...

Seriously, it's actually the newest naughtiest food child of the same family who brought the L.A standard Guelaquetza restaurants. This place is perhaps the only restaurant positive of making even the most pizza/flaming hot cheetoes-esque of my old East L.A Garfield High School homies become even the most diligent of austere foodies.

It's a concept that Bricia Lopez and her brother Fernando Lopez brought to life after a recent trek to Puebla and discovering the delicate beauty of their street staple, a Cemita Poblana, the omnipresent sandwich of Puebla. Freshly baked, dense, rustic roll dusted with Ajonjoli (Sesame Seeds) and made with the legit stuff, not Crisco...yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Seethed with Milanesa, Quesillo, Queso Panela, Avocado, Chipotle, and the ever acquired taste of Papalo, an herb that smells like if a really thirsty deer just walked on top of it. 

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